Luna, Soul & Gratitude

How can you summarize a life in two words?  A future of growth, actions, goals and dreams? It’s hard to label. Bundling something so grand in a single package and tying it up with a bow, without watering it down, or minimizing it’s impact and purpose?

When we first partnered together two years ago, we needed a name for what we didn’t realize would grow into what would encompass every aspect of us. So why the combination of Luna and Soul instead of Sol? Why use those two words at all?

Luna is Latin for moon. The moon is forever changing cycles, bringing forth energies that help us continue flowing, growing, moving and resting within the circle of life. It provides space for opportunity, new beginnings, release and manifestation, when we tune into its rhythm. The moon is also associated with female energy, something we have lost the ability to tap into, as women and men.  Always striking hard, moving fast, instead of slowing down and listening to our intuition and taking care of our bodies.

Soul is the essence of everything we put into our work, writing, words and actions. There is nothing added, or taken away. It’s real, raw and pure, and if something doesn’t align with that truth, it won’t be brought forth to you or us. Soul is also a play on Sol. We believe your inner fire comes from your soul, so Soul vs Sol.

Sometimes names come to you, out of nowhere and this was one of them. It fit, felt right and is the essence of everything we are, yet it’s vast and expansive – without limit.

Feeling the utmost gratitude for YOU, every person who’s touched our life in some way. As love, lessons, friendships, or in passing. Thank you for gifting us with glimmers of your souls, for sharing your fire. Thank you for trusting us to hold this space for you, for us, and every person looking to climb higher, reach farther. Doing so with an open mind, and the mute button turned OFF.

Hands to heart, thank you all.