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What Are Moon Days & Are They Just For Ashtangis?

If you’re familiar with Ashtanga, you’ve probably heard of the famed Moon Days, or rest days. In a traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice, you practice every day, taking one day off for rest, which is usually a Saturday or Sunday depending on the practitioner. They also refrain from practicing on a full moon or new moon. […]


How To Make Your Own Herbal Infusions & Why You Should

  I grew up drinking herbal infusions. My mother had an obsession with Susan Weed and Rosemary Gladstar, and rightfully so. Both are wise women and herbalists whom I grew to admire greatly. Their work is considered ‘classic’ now and both have worked for years to bring the world of herbs mainstream and more accessible to the general […]

Body Image, Diet, & Aging: A Dual Perspective

The topic of body image is one that comes up at every turn. Instead of turning away, we’ve turned to all of you, because we all have so much to learn from each other. Two weeks ago, we had an open discussion in our Luna Soul Collective Facebook Group, which brought up several questions. We thought […]

Luna, Soul & Gratitude

How can you summarize a life in two words?  A future of growth, actions, goals and dreams? It’s hard to label. Bundling something so grand in a single package and tying it up with a bow, without watering it down, or minimizing it’s impact and purpose? When we first partnered together two years ago, we […]

We Don’t Need Permission

I’m tired. I’ve exhausted myself in ways that are so incredibly foolish. Almost willingly dousing my flame over and over again, alongside others do the same. Friends, family, the woman in the plane seat next to me. We block our own creativity to serve another. Taking off our crowns in order to polish someone else’s […]